Saturday, August 27, 2011

Balisong Lesson: The Y2K Rollover Knife Trick [Video]

Here is a quick balisong video tutorial to help you do the popular Y2K Rollover trick... This lessons was created to help you see how to do this move, but for you to get good at it, you gonna need some training from your part.

Enjoy the video:

The move is not that completecated but needs some practice to do it with a good speed.

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Balinsong Tutorila- Fast Draw With A Benchmade Model 42

I this balisong video tutorial you are going to learn how to do one of the easiest move with the knife, which is call the fast draw. This is excellent if you are just starting out, and you can use any type of butterfly knives but in this clip I use a Bechnmade model 42. Remember this move is for beginners.

Here is the instruction video:

Now practice this move until you get good at it before moving to the next lesson.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Balisong Tutorial: The Swirl Trick With Butterfly Knives [Video Instruction]

Here is a quick video tutorial from a beginner for beginners, that will show you how to do the basic 'Swirl' trick with your balisong knife. This is a very cool move that can make you look like an expert, but still a basic swirl or flip of the butterfly knife.

Let's got to the knives training video:

I hope you enjoy the instruction, the guy on the clip does a good job on demonstrating the move step-by-step. Now go and practice the swirl...

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